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humanitarian aid



humanitarian aid


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Ukrainian refugees in the European Union and those who have chosen to stay in Ukraine despite adversity.

Our Vision

At our organization, we envision a world where compassionate individuals, public authorities, and socially responsible businesses collaborate to achieve significant accomplishments. 

Granting Special Status to the

Ukrainian Language in the European Union

This initiative aims to provide Ukrainian language speakers with the right to use their language in EU institutions and communicate with local authorities in their native language.

Ukrainian culture

Promotion of Ukrainian culture and literature, as well as creating opportunities for Ukrainian-language media and communication within the EU. 

assistance from donors

Language training

The initiative seeks to establish a special status for the Ukrainian language in the EU, including language training programs for officials and EU citizens

assistance from supporters

Social integration

Promote the inclusion of Ukrainian refugees within the diverse communities of the European Union, and working towards a harmonious coexistence that celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity.

assistance from volunteers

Dobrodij foundation

We need Your help!

Our activists see Granting Special Status to the Ukrainian Language in the European Union proposal as the most powerful support that EU citizens can provide to Ukraine in its struggle for its country and language!

EU citizens are obligated to join forces and grant regional language status to the Ukrainian language in the European Union, thereby assisting Ukrainians.

Join us in providing financial, humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its citizens.

Every individual, organization, and initiative group is welcome to collaborate with us. 

Together, we can make a positive impact. Thank you for your support!

Dobrodij foundation

Collaborate with us to support Ukraine and its people

We will contact you shortly!

Dobrodij foundation

Our news and activities

At the conference in Riga, an initiative to raise the status of the Ukrainian language in the EU was announced!

Ukrainian refugees who have found themselves in Europe are united by the Ukrainian language and the desire to preserve their cultural code, finding themselves in difficult conditions far from home. Among other things, Ukrainian mothers are concerned about the problems of their children’s education. We devoted a round table held in Riga to these and other issues after the press briefing on granting the Ukrainian language a special status in the EU.

Dobrodij foundation

Our team

The Dobrodij foundation is a non-governmental organization that brings together and engages professional philanthropists who can make a difference. With over 200 staff members and volunteers.

The team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets:

field professionals

Dedicated to hands-on support, our field professionals are at the frontline, ensuring timely delivery of resources to refugees, meeting needs with compassion and efficiency.


Our logistics team is the backbone of our operations. They coordinate aid delivery and manage supply chains, ensuring our impact reaches where it’s needed most, efficiently and effectively.

community helpers

As the heart of our organization, our community helpers work tirelessly to foster strong relationships within communities, bridging cultural gaps and providing localized support.


Our linguists advocate for Ukrainian language rights, fostering understanding and integration within the EU. They are instrumental in promoting linguistic diversity and respect.

data analysts

Through data-driven insights, our analysts guide our strategic decisions. They ensure our initiatives are impactful, effective, and evidence-based, optimizing our efforts where it matters most.

Event managers

Our event managers create meaningful experiences. Through carefully organized events and campaigns, they bring awareness to our cause and inspire community engagement, spreading joy and unity in challenging times.

We need you in our team!
Are you inspired by our mission ? We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team.
Find out more about how you can contribute to our cause and make real difference in the lives of Ukrainian refugees.

Dobrodij foundation

How do we work

Dobrodij Foundation works towards achieving set goals and positively impacting Ukrainian refugees’ situation in Europe and the state of affairs in Ukraine.

We collaborate to develop and execute effective fundraising strategies, manage donor relationships, and ensure that donations are used effectively and efficiently to make a difference in Ukraine.

Our team of specialists provides humanitarian assistance in many areas to the citizens of Ukraine. At the moment we are raising funds for the production of trench candles for Ukrainian soldiers. Also we are working on the integration of Ukrainian refugees into the community of the European Union by promoting the Ukrainian language at the state level.

The team is deeply committed to the cause, and our passion and dedication inspire others to get involved and contribute to the foundation’s efforts.

Dobrodij foundation

Our representatives


Dobrodij foundation

Our Partners and Supporters

We work closely with a network of NGOs and public authorities in Ukraine, building strong partnerships to achieve our shared goals.

Payment details:

NGO “Dobrodij”

IBAN EUR LV03HABA0551054247504
Swedbank HABALV22

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